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How can I order Arab Dalla Products?

You can buy directly through the Arab Dalla website, or through WhatsApp Sales agent  00966550463888, or through the nearest Sales Points

Are all Arab Dalla products available at all Sales Points?

Sorry, we cannot confirm the availability of all products at all Sales Points, but you can contact the outlet before heading to it, to check the availability of the required product.

Are the offers and prices listed on the Arab Dalla website available at all Sales Points?

Sorry dear, Arab Dalla offers and prices may not be available at other Sales Points

I am facing difficulties in ordering from the website or the payment was rejected, What to do?

We are sorry for that, in this case you can contact customer service at 920003018 or order through WhatsApp Sales agent 00966550463888, or through the nearest Sales Points

How can make sure that I am buying the genuine Arab Dalla products?

You can always make sure that you have the genuine products of Arab Dalla, by checking the logo of Arab Dalla, Deem or Traveler Dalla on the product & the warranty card

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