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35 SAR / meal

  • The meal contains 250g of premium Harari coffee with cloves & saffron + 60g of cardamom
  • One year free rental for Arabic Coffee Maker Guests Dalla 7 Liter
  • The meal is enough to prepare 7 liter of coffee
  • 2 meals per day
  • Free installation and training
  • Free instant maintenance
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Guests Dalla

Preparing Time Deem Guests Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker takes only 30 minutes to prepare Authentic and traditional Arabic Coffee
Serving & Keep Warm The Deem Guests Dalla allows you to take your time for serving and Keep Arabic coffee warm for 6 hours
Capacity Guests Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker can prepare 7 Liter (7000ml) of Arabic Coffee in just 30 minutes
Stainless Steel The Guests Dalla made of Stainless Steel Kettle with the high quality of 304
Warranty Guests Dalla comes with Limited Warranty for Five years

Using Full Quantities

250g of Coffee

60g of Cardamom

7L of Water

In30 Minutes

800 ml x 8

200 ml x 35

5 oz(100 ml) x 70


For Cafe & Hotels


For Occasions


For Workplaces


Using Half Quantities ½

125 غرام قهوة

30 غرام هيل

3.5L of Water

In30 Minutes

800 ml x 4

200 ml x 17

5 oz(100 ml) x 35