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About Us

     The success story has started when the founder of Arab Dalla Company innovated an Arabic Coffee Maker which brew the Arabic coffee without overflow, and simulate the traditional way of preparing Arabic coffee in contemporary way.

     The company found in 2011 which has the same name of the first product but later Deem became the main brand for Arab Dalla co. to achieve the ambitions vision of innovate and create traditional products by transforming and developing into international standardizes. All this had to be developed to come under the umbrella of Deem United Holding Company.


Our innovative products and our brands to be the best and spread-out globally to make people’s life easier and better. 

Mission and Message

  • Innovation and development of household electrical appliances.
  • Creating work environments that helps capabilities to innovate. 
  • Finding the best innovative and quality technical solutions. 
  • Adoption of icon of Arabic hospitality (Saudi coffee) to be listed as hot beverage in the international cafes in all over the world.
  • Highlighting the significance of our heritage in a contemporary way to be international. 


  • Our brands included among the most powerful and famous 50 brands in Saudi Arabia and internationally well-known brands. 
  • Make Arab Dalla Trading Company to be an attractive field for innovators. 
  • Having a leading position in the provision of equipment and innovative hospitality accessories with its traditional flavor in a modern way. 
Arab Dalla Office
Arab Dalla Office
Arab Dalla Office
Arab Dalla Office
Arab Dalla Office


Arab Dalla Office
Arab Dalla Awards

Social Participations and Awards

Arab Dalla Company seeks to enhance its social role by engaging in social activities and initiatives that are compatible with the values of society, aiming to develop it continuously.
Arab Dalla takes its social responsibility seriously, towards the individuals and communities it serves.