Would you like to learn How to prepare traditional Turkish coffee? It’s such an exceptional drink from its cooking technique to the serving and drinking. Defiantly you love that smell spreading in your house when making this Turkish coffee recipe.

What is Turkish coffee?

The first thing we need to clarify is that Turkey doesn’t have its own coffee beans. Arabic coffee beans are finely ground and used for coffee making. It’s more of cooking rather than brewing. While the term Turkish coffee raises to the making method of coffee, we must tell you that it does not look like regular coffee beans. It is so finely ground that you might think it is cocoa powder when you first see it. The ground coffee is combined with water and sugar (optional) in a special coffee pot called cezve or ibrik and simmered over the lowest heat or traditionally on hot sand.

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You end up with a thick and frothy coffee which has a strong aroma. It is served in traditional tiny Turkish coffee cups with a lot of bubbles on the top. It is significant to be able to have enough amount of foams, which shows how much you know the art of coffee making.

When it comes to Serving, Turkish coffee has its own traditional way. It is always served with a glass of water and something sweet like Turkish pleasures or coffee on the side.

From crushing to preparing and serving this coffee, it’s like a different ritual. This special drink is a way of socializing for Turkish people. It is mostly enjoyed following a good meal.

How to Prepare Turkish coffee

Step 1
if you are grinding your own beans, be sure to ground them very fine, almost like a powder.

Step 2

Pour your grounds and water into the ibrik (a Turkish coffee pot). You should use about 2.5 grams of coffee per ounce of water.

Yet, if you like solider coffee, you can enhance more.

Step 3

Place the ibrik on the heat source. The temperature controls how well the coffee steeps. 

Many find the best results by starting with cold water.

Over a little flame, heat the coffee up to near-boiling.

Step 4

Remove the ibrik from heat before it starts to boil over and allow it to cool down for about 20 seconds.

But don’t get excited just yet, there are still a few more steps.

Step 5

Put it back on the heat!

Bring the coffee back up to the same near-boiling point once more and again, remove it from heat and allow to cool.

Some people prefer to do this a third time, but your preferences may vary.

Step 6

Time to serve!