7 benefits of having Arabic coffee in Morning


Arabic Coffee is an important part of Middle Eastern especially in Saudi Arabian culture and tradition. Learn how to prepare, drink and the health benefits of Arabic coffee

1.       Minerals and Vitamins

The amount of minerals & vitamins in Arabic Coffee is a bonus if the drink is consumed instead of soft drinks or creamy coffee drinks.

2.      It boosts your energy level

 This one is an obvious one. The caffeine in your coffee will help shake off the morning fatigue and boost up your energy. Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine. Once the caffeine from your cup of coffee gets absorbed into the bloodstream in the brain your body instantly reacts.

Qahwa (Arabic Coffee) is low in sodium and high in potassium, therefore it is a good hydrating candidate. Drinks with high levels of sodium cause dehydration. Even though Arabic coffee is a diuretic (supports the production of urine,) it does not cause dryness because it is frequently consumed in very small amounts.

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3.      Regulates Blood Pressure

Arabic Coffee contains High level of potassium and a low amount of sodium also helps in the controlling of blood pressure. Always remember to choose the pure cardamom to the qahwa because it removes poisons from our body.

4.      Stamina Maintaining

Coffee, since years ago has been used to keep the healthy, strong and uphold the stamina. It is caused by the high caffeine contained inside coffee which will aid you to keep being energized and strong both mentally and physically. Arabic Coffee will make your brain keep active and order the body cells to do the same.

5.      Parkinson Prevention

Parkinson is a syndrome regularly suffered older people caused by the deprivation of nerves function inside the body. It can make somebody being very dissimilar and look just like not himself. He will lose his complete memory, have weak body coordination, and the risk of getting sick. Sometimes, it can be even worse. Coffee, especially Arabic coffee ones can benefit to raise the human body immune and system in order to battle, prevent against Parkinson. Often drink coffee one up to 2 cups a day to get the best advantage of Arabica coffee. Remember to avoid sugar in it.

6.      Metabolism Smoothing

Coffee is generally known as a very nice drink to help to treat fat burning inside the body and raise efficiency. The caffeine inside the coffee will upsurge the efficiency of fat oxidation in the central nerves and helps to smoothen the metabolism process as a result. That is why coffee is rather greatly suggested by some nutritionist to be spent on those who are in the diet mode.

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7.      It will make happy

Above all, Coffee can decrease depression and lift your mood when you are feeling depressed. Trust us, According to some major universities study, the risk of depression is found to be 10 to 20% lower among women who consumed four or more cups of coffee a day than those who drank less. And according to the same research, those who drank decaf had a higher risk of more intense signs of depression.